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Edward-Charles feud: Who will inherit ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ title?

London: Prince Edward and Charles are at loggerheads over the inheritance of ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ title, after the death of Prince Philip.

According to constitution expert Iain MacMarthanne, the title has automatically gone to Charles.

“When Prince Philip died earlier this year, Prince Charles, as his eldest male heir, inherited his dukedom together with its subsidiary titles, becoming the 2nd Duke of Edinburgh,” he said.

The expert added, “Assuming Prince Charles succeeds his mother the dukedom will merge with the crown, in essence, it will cease to be.” There are historical examples of such titles merging with the crown, MacMarthanne said.

MacMarthanne added, “This has happened before, primarily when a second son unexpectedly becomes heir to the throne, recent examples being George V and VI who had both been Duke of York, and in each case, the York title merged with the crown before being recreated at a later date.”

The expert went on to explain that Charles would have to create Edward the Duke of Edinburgh when he is king rather than it happening automatically, “Once merged, it can be given a new creation by the incumbent monarch.

“In 1999, at the time of Prince Edward’s marriage, it was stated that in due course he would inherit his father’s dukedom. By this, it was understood that once the Dukedom of Edinburgh merged with the crown under Prince Charles, that Charles, as king, would make a new creation of the title in favour of his younger brother,” MacMarthanne said. Geo News

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