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Over 30pc COVID related deaths in India reported from Maharashtra, Kerala

Maharashtra: Out of the total 4,43,960 COVID-19 related deaths recorded in India so far, over 30% are recorded from Maharashtra. 1,38,277 people in Maharashtra have lost their lives to the pandemic.

COVID-related data

As per the data, other states that have contributed to the highest mortalities are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Kerala. While the pandemic has been largely under control in most parts of the country, the cases in Kerala continue to rise unhinged.

Kerala cases

While the cases in Kerala are currently on the decline, it is still contributing highest number of cases to the total new cases in the viral outbreak. Kerala currently has a test positivity ratio of 16.5%, which means for ever 100 persons tested in Kerala, approximately 17 have tested positive for the virus.

In terms of total coronavirus cases, Maharashtra has reported over 66 lakh coronavirus cases, the highest in India, followed by Kerala at over 44 lakh cases. Earlier in August, Kerala had clocked in record 1.5 lakh new cases in just five days. Kerala’s COVID-19 ‘management’ has constantly been lauded by the national mainstream media as well as certain international media despite the figures saying contrary. As of now, over 56% of total active coronavirus cases in India are from Kerala.

Kerala breached Uttar Pradesh to become the fifth state with highest COVID-19 related deaths. On Wednesday, Kerala reported 17,681 new cases against 25,588 recoveries. 208 people in Kerala lost their battle to COVID-19 on Wednesday, the highest in India. As of now, Kerala as 1,90,790 active cases against 3,36,007 active cases all over India. OpIndia.com

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