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7th phase of Khalistan referendum being held in UK today

London: The seventh phase of Khalistan referendum is taking place in four different gurdwaras in UK on December 31(today).

The gurdwaras where referendum is taking place included Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Hounslow, Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Slough, Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Wednesfield and Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick.

Earlier, thousands of Sikhs participated in different phases of referendum for an independent Sikh homeland in UK and Geneva. Sikh leaders said India is trying to suppress Sikh liberation movement through inhumane tactics.

Huge participation of Sikhs in a referendum for their homeland has unnerved India. Seventh phase of Khalistan referendum is taking place in four different Gurdwaras at London and Birmingham on 31 December 2021 .

It is pertinent to mention here that UK has allowed Khalistan referendum despite hectic diplomatic efforts by India to stop the exercise. Perplexed by resolve of Sikh diaspora, India is trying to use the bogey of false flag operations to malign Sikhs indigenous movement. Indian political leadership has buildup case against ‘Sikh for Justice’ (SFJ) and other pro Khalistan setups abroad.

As witnessed in Ludhiana blast, fascist Indian government blamed SFJ for its involvement in the blast. Jaswinder Singh Multani has been accused in the blast, whereas, denying involvement in the blast, he said that his fight was one with the “pen”, not “weapons”. He further said that Indian authorities were trying to defame him and SFJ.

It is understood that the India is trying its best to get the SFJ leaders and activists recognized by the western countries as “terrorists”. SFJ has submitted a report, “India’s criminalization of Khalistan Referendum”, to the office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in a special meeting and informed UN officials that Modi’s Hindu supremacist government is distorting their culture and history. Modi government is using social media platforms to push hyper Indian nationalism and to suppress the Khalistan referendum campaign by blocking the content and posts advocating for the liberation of Punjab from India through means of ballot. Web Desk


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