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BJP’s machinations against Sikhs

Malik Javed BJP after killing more than 750 farmers and injuring thousands of them, failed to break their will and ultimately submitting to their demands. BJP’s submission to farmers has not been liked by Sang Pariwar. Therefore, they are using extra constitutional means to cause sacrilege of

Pak-Afghan relations – An eternal bond

Muhammad Irfan Abbasi Much has been said about Pak-Afghan relations lack of trust between two important South Asian neighboring countries. Pak-Afghan relations remained tumultuous amidst decades of ongoing wrangling of super powers who dreamed to get control of the strategically important land in order to have

Pakistan’s educational assistance to Afghanistan

Sheikh Fakhar-e-Alam Pakistan has always played a constructive part in upgradation of educational standards of Afghan refugees besides providing support to Afghanistan’s educational sector. Pakistan’s contribution towards educational empowerment of Afghan refugees is extraordinary. Facilitating Afghan students for studies in Pakistan aims at cementing people-to-people contacts