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HomeArticleIndian Army Day: Indian Army committing war crimes in Occupied Kashmir

Indian Army Day: Indian Army committing war crimes in Occupied Kashmir

India should be ashamed of celebrating Army Day today

Qaisar Mansoor

When India is celebrating its 74th Army Day, its troops continue to perpetrate grave human rights violations in the occupied territory. It said Indian army is trained in committing genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes

Indian Army has around 1.4 million military personnel on active duty. Indian army is famous for conducting operations against oppressed people living in India and IIOJK.

Indian army is the most brutal force of the world as its troops are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian army has no justification to celebrate Army Day as its soldiers are involved in heinous crimes. What to speak of Kashmir, Indian army is shooting dead innocent civilians even in Indian states. Indian army is notorious for conducting operations against civilians in India and in IIOJK.

In past two decades, Indian army has killed 4265 civilians in Northeast region. Whereas, unspeakable violence being perpetrated by Hindutva inspired extremist BJP-RSS has turned IIOJK into an inferno where no one, not even innocent civilians, professionals, women, children and elderly are safe from the state-terrorism of Indian occupied forces.

Indian troops in their unabated acts of state terrorism, martyred 95,948 innocent Kashmiris including 7,225 in custody, widowed 22,940, orphaned 107, 857 and molested 11,246 women since January 1989. APHC has also exposed Indian state sponsored terrorism in IIOJK, conversion of Muslim majority into minority and continuous detention of Hurriyet leaders in its annual report 2021.

Military crackdown and intensified extra-judicial killings in staged operations in IIOJK which reflects extremist anti-Muslim designs of “Hindutva” inspired extremist BJP-government. Indian occupying forces have launched 467 Cordon and Search Operation (CASOs) and Cordon and Destroy Operations (CADOs) which resulted in 85 encounters.

128 Indian occupational forces were also killed which include 29 who committed suicide in different parts of IIOJK. It is a matter of fact that there exist grievances and rifts within tri-services of India which is evident on appointment of Gen Bipin Rawat as CDS. It shows the level of professionalism within Indian tri-services.

Killings of innocent people in staged encounters has become a regular feature of Indian army. Killing fields of IIOJK have exposed the real face of Indian army, which is involved in fake encounters and extrajudicial killings in the occupied territory, it added.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Indian army has so far killed 14 Kashmiris extra-judicially in the ongoing month of January while 95,948 Kashmiris have fallen to Indian army’s bullets in last 3 decades.

Indian army soldiers must be held accountable for their heinous acts of brutalities.

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