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India under Modi big nuclear threat to global security

Qaisar Mansoor

India under Narendra Modi is becoming a big nuclear threat to the global community as another case of smuggling of huge quantity of highly radioactive substance has surfaced in the country.

India observes ‘National Technology Day’ on 11 May to mark the anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear tests of 1998. Whereas, during last two decades, theft of over 200 kilograms of nuclear material in India poses serious threats of nuclear terrorism, necessitating the global powers’ role to raise safety standards in the country. The countries in the region including China and Pakistan have repeatedly called for investigations and strengthening regulations following unabated incidents of theft of nuclear material in India.

Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Hua Chunying said, “Nuclear terrorism is the security challenge faced by international community. All governments have the responsibilities to strengthen regulation of nuclear material to combat on nuclear trafficking to ensure the nuclear safety and security”.

Indian authorities recovered 2.5kg Uranium in 1994; 111kg in 1998; 59.1kg in 2000; 200 grams in 2001; 225 grams in 2003; 4kg in 2008; 5kg in 2009; 9kg in 2016; 1kg in 2018 and 13.75kg in 2021 in multiple incidents. Indian ranked 19th in the “theft ranking’ for countries with weapons usable nuclear materials. This reflects the mindset of the Modi’s regime and the character of the Indian state today. UNSC Resolution 1540 and IAEA Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) made it binding on states to ensure stringent measures to prevent nuclear material from falling into wrong hands.

However, increasing cases of nuclear-related incidents have indeed jeopardized India’s aspirations to become de-jure member of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). India has consistently violated UNSC Resolutions and has failed to uphold IAEA’s conventions regarding the physical protection of nuclear material. A leading US Non-Proliferation Watchdog, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) nuclear security index gave India the lowest ranking for its poor safety and security of nuclear material.

US, France and other N-capable states should rethink of providing civil nuclear technology to irresponsible India as irresponsible behavior of Modi-led dispensation has risked the world security. The IAEA should sanction India for irresponsibly handling nuclear material.

World must thoroughly probe the incidents of illegal trade of radioactive material across India and Modi must be asked how sizable quantity of synthetic radioactive material Californium became available without any state control. Sanctions must be imposed on India for its irresponsible behaviour about handling/ securing radioactive material.














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