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COVID-19 Global Outlook & Strategies

COVI-19-Global-Outlook-Strategies by Dr. A Mukhtar Sept 2022

List of countries conducting research in various field of human...

London: Countries all over the world are conducting Research in various fields of human interest. The chart given above depicts the work in this

Research on background of Russia’s war with Ukraine

Ukraine war shakes geo-political foundations of Europe Research conducted and compiled by Ray White CEO - LIPR Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken the geopolitical foundations

Peace process for Yemen

Alexandra Stark Yemen’s conflict may be entering a critical phase. That’s not because the war has become easier to end; if anything, almost seven years

LSE research highlights “existential threat” to Muslims & Christians in...

London: Recent research by the London School of Economics highlights the discrimination against the minority groups like Muslims and Christians in India, and how

Roma and Their Rights: Rethinking Repatriation and Anti-Discrimination Policies. An...

Author: Dr. Nicasia Picciano ‘ […] Roma integration, difficult as it may be, is a task for all Member States […].’[1] The Roma community is one