London Institute of Peace Research is an international non-profit, non-sectarian organization which seeks to promote peace and justice in the world by adopting innovative and creative approaches to conflict resolution and raising public awareness on the threats to humanity posed by war and the ever intensifying arms race between rival groups of nations. LIPR regularly organizes conferences and seminars on peace building and develops and implements programs and projects involving youth leaders to combat trends towards intolerance, hatred and extremism which ultimately lead to conflict and wars. We work with both public and private partners in pursuit of our goals. We network with like-minded organizations, groups and individuals everywhere to make this world a better, safer and more peaceful world for our future generations. Peace is sacred. This is LIPR’s inspiring motto.


VisionLondon Institute of Peace Research has the vision of a world at peace with itself, a world of harmony and universal brotherhood. LIPR envisions a world free from violence and aggression and discrimination on the basis of race, colour and creed. Our vision is of a world where war is outlawed and co-operative co-existence is the new civilizational norm. LIPR imagines a world free from the curse of poverty, underdevelopment and human suffering. A world where there is an abundance of food and water and other necessities of human life for everyone.


MissionLondon Institute of Peace Research (LIPR)  stands for the rule of peace and justice in the world. To this end it will work to mobilize world public opinion to find creative solutions to wars and conflicts raging in different parts of the world LIPR is convinced that the present international political order is iniquitous and incapable of dealing with the problems of security and justice for the majority of the world’s nations and it must be replaced by one designed to usher in a new era of peace and justice for all.



  • To raise public awareness on the evils of war and the sufferings it causes to men, women, and children caught in its crossfire
  • To mobiles civil society to build pressure on governments to turn away from policies destructive of peace and good neighborliness.
  • To undertake education programs for governments to sensitize and persuade them to seek peaceful solutions to conflict situations.
  • To promote a culture of dialogue between groups of people, societies, and nations for a negotiated settlement of disputes.