World War-II guns and the Ukraine-Russian war: Relics fighting in...

Taha Amir One can articulate that war never ceases, and their use also seems never-ending for some weapons. Firearms produced for world war two could

The roots of revolution in Sudan: Successes, setbacks and...

By Bartalotta Giuseppe Maria LIPR Ambassador of Peace based in Italy Sudan experienced two civil wars one between 1955-1972 and another from 1983 to 1998.

Indo-Russia engagement under the shadow of Ukraine

By Saima Afzal LIPR Ambassador of Peace based in Islamabad Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov did official visit to India for two days on 31 March

Removal of Pakistan from FATF remains bleak

By Shahid Farooq Abbasi LIPR Ambassador of Peace On the 17th of June, Marcus Pleyer, President of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), while praising

Europe might face famine: Putin bans export of all...

By Ray White – CEO - LIPR The President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin has signed a decree declaring that Russia would no longer sell

Afghanistan needs economic stability

By Muhammad Shoaib Khan Pakistan and Afghanistan are among each other’s largest trading partners. Though an agreement was signed in the past to strengthen trade

Pak-Afghan bilateral trade: A respite for Afghan Economy

By Qudrat Ullah LIPR Ambassador of Peace Afghanistan is in dire need of humanitarian assistance as its economy is dwindling since the Taliban takeover of

Counter-terrorism in Turkey: Are Turkish domestic measures to counter terrorism...

Research Article  By Ms. Plamédie Mesongolo LIPR AOP in France INTRODUCTION: Islamist terrorrists groups, especially ISIS, have consolidated on Turkey's borders with Syria and Iraq in