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A 1982 report published by the Central Intelligence Agency read that India has been pursuing a foreign policy of maintaining hegemony over its neighbors

Imran Malik Geopolitics has never been so dynamic as it is today. The world is in the throes of a transition from a unipolar to

Qaisar Mansoor India being notorious country of Asia is expediting its hegemonic design, is in conflict with almost all of its neighbouring countries. Recent talks

Zafar Iqbal Yousafzai Pakistan has been facing an immense energy crisis for quite a long time. According to a World Bank report, electricity shortage is

There is growing opposition in Maldives against India’s military presence and hegemonic designs in the Island. Since the agreement was signed , there has been

Our Special Correspondent There is much amiss regarding the agreement titled 'Development, Support, and the Maintenance of the Maldives National Defence Force Harbour Sifavaru at

By Michael Kugelman The highlights this week: U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman visits New Delhi and Islamabad with vastly different agendas, the Pandora

Qaisar Mansoor Despite strong "Indian lobby" Pakistan hopes that FATF will not make a "politically motivated" decision at the next meeting on 11 October and