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6th September: A day of pride for Pakistan

Our Correspondent

6th September marks the 57th Defence Day of Pakistan- a day we commemorate our historic ‘victory’ against India in the 1965 war. It was the historic day of 1965 when Indian military forces attacked Pakistan violating sovereignty and territorial border without a warning and our Armed Forces defeated them bravely.

We pay tribute to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the defence of beloved country from the enemy. To inculcate the historic achievements of our Armed Forces so that our present generation do not fall a pray to anti-Pakistan propaganda.

India’s attack was a complete violation of UN charter, all international laws, conventions and bilateral peace agreements. Pakistan Defence Day is a day to pledge that Pakistani nation will always remember the sacrifices of its Armed Forces by honouring the martyrs while acknowledging their courage and fighting spirit.

People of Pakistan stood united as one solid edifice to meet the onslaught of an enemy that choose the cover of darkness to achieve its heinous ends of occupying our motherland.

N.C. Asthana, former Indian police officer writes in his book, “India has no clarity about its military and strategic objectives vis-à-vis its stated adversaries, Pakistan and China, and also cannot defeat neither of them in a war.”

Presently in India, there is now a clear and coordinated attempt to paint the 1965 war as a great victory. ‘Big Picture’ that sections of the Indian media is trying to portray the ’65 war is in fact an ‘unreal picture.’ One can understand their frustration and intention of Indian PM Modi to rewrite history, but such fabrications cannot stand in the face of facts.

Pakistan’s victory despite of heavy odds (numerical inferiority, absent forewarning of an attack) marks the exemplary courage and sacrifices made during the war: commemorated and remembered.


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