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Pakistan’s rank remains unchanged in US State Department’s annual TIP...

WASHINGTON: Pakistan retained its position in the second tier in the United States State Department's annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report. This is the third consecutive time Pakistan has been ranked in the second tier by the report since 2022. The department's report is divided into three

India’s Rahul Gandhi faces new test in revived fortunes

NEW DELHI: Once dismissed as an "empty suit", perennial Indian premier-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi emerged from his third consecutive election defeat with his reputation enhanced and his party back from the political wilderness. But analysts are divided on whether the 54-year-old – a scion of a dynasty

Rural India runs dry as thirsty Mumbai sucks water

NAVINWADI: Far from the gleaming high-rises of India's financial capital Mumbai, impoverished villages in areas supplying the megacity's water are running dry – a crisis repeated across the country that experts say foreshadows terrifying problems. "The people in Mumbai drink our water but no one there,

India urges Russia to return its citizens recruited by Russia’s...

NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday said it had urged Russia to return Indian citizens recruited by Russia’s army after two were killed recently in the war in Ukraine. “I want to assure you that the Indian government has taken the matter very seriously,” foreign secretary Vinay