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Tallinn: The government adopted the first human rights action plan that sets out Estonia's foreign policy actions for the protection of human rights and advancing democracy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. Estonia's human rights diplomacy has been consistent and remained on the same course for

AK Abdul Momen Peacekeeping operations (PKOs) are one of the United Nation's most visible activities. These save thousands of lives every year and are vital to the peaceful resolution of conflicts—an essential force to maintain stability in post-conflict countries. As the top troops and police contributing

London: Britain and the European Union are slowly working to overcome differences regarding trade flows between Northern Ireland and the British mainland after a month-long legal dispute and more than a week of rioting in the province. The EU is expecting a formal reply shortly from

The Hague: The Syrian regime s air force used the chemical weapon chlorine in an attack on the town of Saraqib in 2018, the global toxic arms watchdog said after an investigation. The report is the second by an investigations team set up by the Organisation