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Paris: Russia’s massing of troops along the border with Ukraine has put Washington and Moscow into an increasingly tense Cold War-style stand-off. Here is a timeline of the spiraling situation. - Troop movements - On November 10, NATO warns Moscow about taking "aggressive action" after Washington reports unusual

Dubai: Domestically assembled drones that can fly hundreds of miles (kilometres) are proving a security headache for the United Arab Emirates after consecutive attacks by Yemen’s rebel warriors. The low-tech weapons, which use over-the-counter parts, were deployed in two attacks on the wealthy Gulf state, a

London: England on Thursday lifted coronavirus restrictions imposed to tackle the Omicron variant, with masks no longer required in enclosed places and vaccine passports shelved. The number of positive Covid-19 cases has fallen sharply over the past two weeks, and although still at high levels, have

Kabul: The looming economic and humanitarian crisis has affected the lifestyle of Afghan families as they are living in extreme poverty and are forced to make life-altering decisions to survive. Families are selling their children and their kidneys as more than half of the population is