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Indian media distorts ex RAW chief’s remarks

Indian media distorts ex RAW chief’s remarks

Srinagar: Indian media is notorious as world’s largest propaganda machinery, exploiting and twisting the facts to suit Indian government’s narratives.

India had to face severe  criticism and condemnation after illegal abrogation of Article 370. Commenting on this issue

Amarjit Singh Dulat, former head of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) who is known for his in-depth knowledge about Kashmir, in an interview, said that there was no need for the abrogation of Article 370 because this deprives the Kashmiris of their dignity. Another question put to him was: What do you think of the Delimitation process in Kashmir?

In response he said that it has been done to convert the people of Kashmir into a minority. Kashmiris are worried that the BJP government is trying to deprive them of their fundamental rights. They fear that the BJP government would rob them of ‘Kashmiriyat’.

In course of his media talk, Amarjit Singh  made a passing remark, “Kashmiris would never like to be a part of Pakistan”, but the Indian media ignoring other points of his interview played up this remark and selected it as the caption of their news

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