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Modi’s uniform civil code will further dive already divided India: Chidambaram

NEW DELHI: In response to the assertions of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), a reference to abolition the Muslim Personal Law, Congress leader P Chidambaram said it cannot be forced on people by an “agenda-driven majoritarian government” as it will “widen divisions” among people.

The former Indian minister claimed the prime minister was batting for UCC to divert people’s attention from issues of unemployment, price rise and hate crimes. He also alleged the BJP was using UCC to polarise the society.

“The PM is making it appear that UCC is a simple exercise. He should read the report of the last Law Commission that pointed out it was not feasible at this time

“The nation is divided today owing to the words and deeds of the BJP. A UCC imposed on the people will only widen the divisions,” Chidambaram said.

Noting that a Uniform Civil Code is an aspiration, the senior Congress leader said, “It cannot be forced on the people by an agenda-driven majoritarian government.”

Modi on Tuesday made a strong push for a Uniform Civil Code(UCC), and accused the Opposition of using the UCC issue to “mislead and provoke” the Muslim community.

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