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Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait embassies donate funds to Japan’s Red Feather charity

TOKYO: The ambassadors of Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait donated funds at the recent Arab Charity Bazaar to the Japanese Red Feather Welfare Fund (RFWF).

Seventeen Arab embassies took part in the bazaar in Tokyo, which attracted around 1,500 people, and proceeds from the sales at the various booths were handed over to be donated to charity.

RFWF President Seike Atsushi received the donation from Ambassador Hassan Al Emadi of Qatar, Ambassador Ahmed Aldoseri of Bahrain and Ambassador Sami Al-Zamanan of Kuwait.

Bahrain Ambassador Aldoseri said, “It is our pleasure to donate the proceeds to show that we support Japan and the Japanese people.”

Seike expressed his “deepest and sincerest appreciation for the generous donation.” He added: “People are suffering difficulties due to various reasons, including natural reasons, natural hardships, social isolation and so on. Of course, the government should be able to help, but there is still space for the civil community to provide relief for those suffering or with difficulties. So, your charity is indispensable and we deeply, deeply appreciate it.”

But, he said, the donation was not just about the cash raised at the bazaar: “It’s not just a gift of money, for there is also the very precious flow of warmth from your hearts and minds to help people. This is why your donation is so precious and we thank you all so very much.”

In response, Ambassador Aldoseri said on behalf of the ambassadors, “There is a responsibility also laid upon embassies and ambassadors and embassy staff, too. As diplomats we have to share the suffering, we have to help, we have to do anything we can to help the friendly people of Japan, because the three of us, all of our countries, have most excellent, good relations with Japan, and with the Japanese people.” Reuters

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