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Speakers thank govt for organizing int’l Gandhara symposium

ISLAMABAD: The speakers on Tuesday thanked the government for organizing the international Gandhara Tourism Symposium 2023 which would attract foreign tourists at large and promote religious tourism.

Speaking at the Gandhara Symposium 2023 held here, Chief Abbot of Buddha Bihara, Nepal Bhikshu Kondanya said after this symposium Pakistan would be a new attraction for tourists and the government deserved appreciation in this regard.

Kondanya said, “I am so happy that Pakistani government is working to promote religious tourism that will also help the country in generating revenue.”

He further said that Pakistan is an important country in South Asia, rich in cultural heritage, and the center of Indus and Gandhara civilizations.

The Symposium was also showcasing the Gandhara civilization and tourism, he added.

Chief Abbes of Fo Guang Shan, Malaysia Jue Cheng said that Pakistan’s architectural beauty is attracting tourism across the world.

He said that Pakistan is a safe country and urged international tourists to come here and visit its beautiful recreational and heritage sites.

He apprised the participants that Buddhism is a religion that loves, cares and respects humanity, adding that the friendship between Islam and Buddhism is thousands of years old.

Jue Cheng said that the Gandhara civilization is the pride of Pakistan.

Honorary Rector, of World Buddhist University Thailand Anil Sakya said, “I am so happy that a Muslim country namely the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is hosting the international Gandhara symposium.”

The religion of Buddhism is giving the message of peace, tolerance, and interfaith harmony, he added.

He concluded that Pakistan is a peaceful and safe country for foreigners and invited world tourists to visit the beautiful country.

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