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European Parliament takes notice of EU DisinfoLab report exposing Indian propaganda

BRUSSELS: Following EU DIsinfoLab’s report exposing Indian propaganda against Pakistan, a committee of the European Parliament has taken notice of the revelations made by the EU-focused watchdog.

According to details, the first hearing was held in the European Union on Tuesday. The European Parliament’s Special Committee on Foreign Interference, including Disinformation (INGE), held a hearing in the European Parliament, Brussels, to discuss India’s belligerent activities and tactics targeting Pakistan.

Alexandre Alaphilippe, Executive Director of the EU DisinfoLab, and Managing Director Gary Machado briefed the committee on India’s disinformation campaign, the ‘Indian Chronicles’.

It is pertinent to mention here that in November, the non-governmental group, after carrying out investigation, in its initial findings had uncovered a nexus of 265 fake media outlets across 65 countries to influence the EU and the UN with content critical of Pakistan.

These platforms allegedly promote India’s geopolitical interests through republication of propaganda pieces and op-eds.

EU DisinfoLab uncovered links between zombie companies, dormant media outlets, and legally non-existent organisations, lobbying the EU and also the UN by constantly targeting Pakistan.

Questionable news portals mentioned in the investigation include Times of Los Angeles, Times of Portugal, EP Today, Times of Geneva, New Delhi Times, New York Journal American, and Times of North Korea. Most websites had Twitter presence as well.

EU DisinfoLab’s investigation demonstrates how this network of think tanks, NGOs, and media outlets has already translated into a set of EU parliamentarians visiting the Kashmir valley on Oct. 30. The visit was perceived by some as a sign of validation for the government’s move. It came amidst international attention on curbs on free speech and human rights violations in the Kashmir valley.Dunya

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