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Indian govt harassing Pandits who stayed in IIOJK in 1990

Srinagar: The Indian government is victimizing the Pandits in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) who did not migrate in 1990 and stayed in the territory.

According to an analytical report as many as 800 non-migrant families stayed with Muslim compatriots in the Kashmir Valley in 1990. It said they are now being punished for not falling into the trap of then Indian Governor Jagmohan to leave their homes in the territory. It said non-migrant Pandits are complaining that they are not given jobs, adding that 500 posts allotted to them are being denied to them.

The report citing Pandits staying in the territory said that in many of their homes only one time meal is prepared because they don’t have money for their survival. It said that the Indian government had made many promises to these Pandits staying in IIOJK that have not been fulfilled.

The report said that the condition of these Pandits has become more miserable after 5 August 2019 when Articles 270 and 35A of the Indian constitution were abrogated.

It said the Kashmiri non-migrant Pandits protest that there are orders from the IIOJK High Court providing them relief but these are not implemented and that they feel they have been cheated and backstabbed by the Modi-led fascist Indian government. It said, non-migrant Pandits started ‘fast unto death’ in the last week of November to press for their demands.

The report maintained that the Kashmiri Pandits must understand that like Muslims of IIOJK they were not also safe under BJP and RSS as these Hindu extremist forces were against all the Kashmiris be those Muslims or Hindus. The BJP is against Kashmir’s identity and Kashmiri Pandits must stand with the Muslims of the territory to foil BJP machinations against the Kashmiris.

In the Kashmir Valley where Muslims are in majority, non-Muslims who have lived for centuries there have always been considered like brothers in human terms. In 1990, India lured these non-Muslims, especially Pandits, on the pretext that their lives were in danger in the Valley and as such they must leave and shift to Jammu. The fact is that they have been evicted from their homes and now wandering in various cities of Jammu where they are now worried about their status and future. The Hurriyat leadership has repeatedly invited them to return and settle in their homes as before but India insists on settling them in Israeli-style settlements in the territory. The Indian government is angry about those Pandits who stayed in the Kashmir Valley and refuse to become a toy in the hands of Indian agencies.

Whenever India did politics in the name of Pandits, the Hurriyat leadership slapped the Indian narrative on its face. In a similar conversation, some time ago, veteran Hurriyat leader, Syed Ali Gilani had given an unambiguous and clear message to the Pandits to come and settle at their places with Muslim brethren in the Valley. This is the stance of Hurriyat leadership even today.

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