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It happens only in India: Ghaziabad man beheads wife with sword over delayed morning tea

Media freedom under threat in Modi’s India

UTTAR PRADESH: An Indian man identified as Dharamveer allegedly beheaded his wife, Sundari, in a fit of rage triggered by the delay in getting his morning tea in Ghaziabad, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, near Delhi.

The horrifying incident occurred in their home in the village of Faljagadh.

Dharamveer, a 52-year-old daily wage worker, reportedly stabbed his wife 15 times with a sword before committing the gruesome act. The motive behind the brutal attack was revealed to be Sundari taking too long to prepare his tea.

Police Superintendent Vivek Yadav explained that the husband, waking up a few minutes after his wife, immediately demanded tea. When informed that it would take an additional 10 minutes, he erupted in anger, leading to the tragic outcome.

Sundari, who began her day at 6 am as usual, was attacked by Dharamveer as she tended to the stove. Their four children, sleeping in another room, were unharmed. The son, known as Soldier, rushed to the scene upon hearing his mother’s screams but was unable to prevent the horrifying act.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gyan Prakash Rai stated, “Dharamveer and Sundari had a fight over making tea. He then took out a sharp weapon and attacked her on the neck from behind, which led to her immediate death.”

Dharamveer was arrested, and the investigation is ongoing into this tragic incident that unfolded over a morning ritual gone awry.

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