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LIPR – a voice for peace and justice


London Institute of Peace Research is an international organization which seeks to promote peace and justice in the world. Through the research made by its volunteers originating from every walk of life, it recommends adopting innovative and creative measures to resolve on-going conflicts and raise public awareness against threats to humanity posed by war and the ever-intensifying arms race between rival groups of nations.

 LIPR plans to organize conferences and seminars on peace building and develop programs and projects involving youth leaders to combat trends towards intolerance, hatred and extremism which ultimately lead to conflict and wars. We work with both public and private partners in pursuit of our goals. We network with like-minded organizations, groups and individuals everywhere to make this world a better, safer and more peaceful place for our future generations. LIPR’s inspiring motto is “Peace is sacred and beautiful”.

London Institute of Peace Research is a community of peace lovers working to expand the general understanding of any conflict and encourage a new way of thinking about the international system, in which peace, respect and cooperation are at the forefront of discussion and policy-making. To maximize our impact, we promote peace through a variety of outputs.  These are primarily based on our fundamental principles for making change to inform, to educate, to advocate and to encourage inclusive and constructive discussion on peaceful solutions of complex issues across the globe.

London Institute of Peace Research has the vision of a peaceful world, a world of harmony and universal brotherhood. LIPR envisions a world free from violence, aggression and discrimination on the basis of race, colour and creed. Our vision is of a world where war is outlawed and co-operative co-existence is the new civilizational norm. LIPR imagines a world free from the curse of poverty, underdevelopment and human suffering. A world where there is an abundance of food and water and other necessities of human life for everyone.

The London Institute of Peace Research conducts research and publishes reports pertaining to world peace. These reports are based on current events and can vary in the topics they address – from human rights to international security, from political economy to environmental issues. The aim of these reports is to identify issues that threaten world peace and then to offer various solutions either to resolve these issues or at least reduce the conflict in a meaningful way.

London Institute of Peace Research is defined by tolerance, acceptance, and a tireless commitment to making the world a better place. An incredible belief that it is everyone’s duty to help others and that the senselessness of war and conflicts can be overcome. Of course, the London Institute of Peace Research alone cannot end the wars in the world. But what LIPR and its partners want is the strength that comes when local peace promoters can identify to the international community the root cause of public unrest all over the world.

London Institute of Peace Research wants to create a sense of self-awareness questioning how and where it can add value and, importantly, understanding where it cannot. LIPR community hopes that one day it will become a truly globalized movement that links the East and the West, the North and the South; linking people together who believe that if we all start to see peace as possible; it will be. London Institute of Peace Research is one of the most innovative organizations in promoting peace throughout the world.  We all must give it a chance to help it grow and to spread the message that local peace developing measures work to achieve an ever-lasting peace in all regions of the world.

London Institute of Peace Research (LIPR) believes that peace is the way out of inequity and violence and a golden ticket to enter a new, brighter future for mankind. All of us are important in this epic endeavour and the future generations need every hand they can get to receive a more equal, peaceful and beautiful world. Peace for LIPR is the means by which a Nation can transform from the status of underdeveloped to that of developed. LIPR is convinced that the present international political order is iniquitous and incapable of dealing with the problems of security and justice for the majority of the world’s nations and it must be replaced by one designed to usher in a new era of peace and justice for all.

Peace could be considered the closest sensation to our natural “base-state” of consciousness. Contentment, happiness, elation, and joy share peace as its root-feeling.

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