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Pakistan Week inaugurated in China’s Sichuan province

Pakistan Week inaugurated in China’s Sichuan province

Beijing: Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin-ul-Haque has inaugurated Pakistan Week in Sichuan, where for a week, May 18-25, the picturesque Lidui Park, would be hosting Pakistani handicrafts and ornaments, along with a photo exhibition.

The Pakistan Week, hosted by Sichuan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Dujiangyan Municipal Government, and the Consulate General of Pakistan in Chengdu officially kicked off in Dujiangyan.

At the opening ceremony, Dujiangyan City and Murree City of Pakistan established a friendly and cooperative relationship.

Over 50 people, Hunain Abbas Khan, Acting Consul General of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Chengdu, Zhang Yadan, Mayor of Dujiangyan, representatives of the Pakistan Business Association and enterprises in Sichuan, Pakistani friends in Sichuan, and relevant Chinese representatives attended the opening ceremony.

Themed “Working hand in hand for a closer China-Pakistan bond under the Belt and Road Initiative”, the event will be held in Dujiangyan City from May 18 to 24, including a Pakistan tourism photo exhibition, Pakistani culture exhibition, Pakistani film show, and Pakistani culture lecture.

According to the relevant responsible person for Sichuan Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, this cultural week will further promote the understanding of Sichuan people of Pakistan, build a platform for friendly exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, effectively promote and expand the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in the fields of culture, tourism, economy and trade, education and sister cities, and turn the friendship between China and Pakistan into the fruitful results of win-win cooperation and common development. It will benefit the people of our two countries.

At the tourism photo exhibition held in Fulong Temple of Dujiangyan Scenic Area, a series of pictures of Pakistan’s beautiful natural scenery, fresh local customs, and colorful traditional culture attracted tourists to stop and watch.

Dujiangyan Travel Pavilion at Fulong Temple Square showcases traditional Pakistani clothes, dazzling jewelry, and hand-made rugs copied from ancient Chinese artists, which vividly interpret the fusion and collision of Chinese and Pakistani culture.

The unique Pakistani film shows and cultural lectures make Dujiangyan residents enjoy the charm of “Iron Pakistan” culture at their doorsteps.

In October 2022, Sichuan Huadu Nuclear Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., located in an industry functional zone in Dujiangyan, donated money to Pakistan to help people affected by floods. A small donation is an epitome of the China-Pakistan friendship and the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

During the event, Dujiangyan City and Murree City signed an MOU to establish friendly and cooperative relations.

It is a concrete action of Dujiangyan City to deepen the friendly relations between China and Pakistan, which will write a new chapter of opening up and cooperation between the two places.

The two sides will take this as a starting point and continuously strengthen sister-city exchanges, economic and trade investment, and cultural exchanges, so as to draw on each other’s strengths and achieve win-win results.

As one of the few cities with three heritages in the world, namely, World Natural Heritage, World Cultural Heritage, and Heritage Irrigation Structures, in recent years, Dujiangyan City actively integrate into the construction of “the Belt and Road” and Chengdu-Chongqing twin city economic circle and serve the overall situation of the national diplomacy.

The cultural tourism economy is flourishing, and the city is open to the world. We have established international sister-city or friendly cooperative relations with 31 cities in 25 countries, and our “circle of friends” is spread across five continents and the title of “Tianfu International Meeting Room” receives guests worldwide. APP

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