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Rahul Gandhi calls Indian Premier Modi as epicenter of corruption

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NEW DELHI: Terming Indian premier Narendra Modi as epicenter of corruption, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that all the corrupt leaders have joined the Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Rahul Gandhi was addressing a rally in Una area of Himachal Pradesh saying that Hindutva propagator Modi’s speech in Mandi where he claimed that the state’s Congress government would not last and alleged that “PM Modi openly announced during his rallies that he would topple the Himachal Pradesh government through use of money.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the epicenter of corruption. All the corrupt leaders of the country have joined his party. There has been huge corruption in the Electoral Bond Scheme, why is the Central Government not revealing the names of those who donated? Through this scheme, donations have been taken from big companies by threatening them through ED and CBI,” Rahul Gandhi said.

He further took a jibe at Modi saying that while Modi has created 22 billionaires, they (Congress) would create crores of millionaires. “A list of all poor people of the country will be made. The name of a woman from each family will be selected and on July 5, crores of women will get Rs 8,500 in their bank accounts. This amount will be deposited in the women’s account every month,” he said.

He further appealed to people to save the Constitution and asserted that the Congress party workers are “Babbar Sher” and would not let the BJP fulfill its dream of changing the Constitution.

Rahul Gandhi further promised to make a law on MSP (minimum support price) for farmers of India and said that the party would also waive off loans of farmers.

“Today, apple growers in Himachal Pradesh are disappointed because they have not been able to get good prices for apples due to PM Modi’s shelter to families like Ambani-Adani,” he claimed.

He further alleged that the weapons and armaments that were earlier made by the Indian Ordnance Factory will now be made by Adani, he said and noted that similarly, seven airports in the country have been leased to private companies like Adani for 50 years.

“The Army does not want this scheme… this scheme is imposed by the PMO. The INDIA bloc government will come to power and the first thing we shall do is throw this Agniveer scheme in the dustbin. We are going to tear this Agniveer scheme into pieces and dump it in the dustbin,” the Congress MP said.

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