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US President Obama’s farewell speech at the White House

Contributed by Dr. M. Abbah, LIPR Trustee based in London

Dear Americans

As I bid farewell to the White House after eight years of service in the public office, I would like to address issues of interest to the nation. At the moment when you elected me as president, our country was standing at a crossroads. Our children were in the line of fire in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our economy was suffering from stagnation, as the budget deficit reached a trillion dollars, and the unemployment rate reached 8%. Through successful projects such as the stimulus and jobs bills, millions of Americans have found jobs, we have brought unemployment back below 5%, the price of gasoline has fallen to 1.80 a litre, we have fixed Wall Street, we have removed bin Laden from the scene, and we have prevented Iran from building a nuclear bomb.

But there are things that must be disclosed at this moment. When I took office in 2008, the forces of evil were still trying to undermine America, and I had to steer her ship through thunderstorms to get her to safety. My administration succeeded in getting out of Iraq, but we kept our presence in it, and divided it between Shiite militias that oppress the Sunnis and take it away from its Arab surroundings. We should not forget that the Old and New Testaments told us about the danger of Iraq today, and about God’s punishment for the tyrants of that country, and those who were before me began to liberate it, and I completed the task so that brutal crimes such as the Babylonian captivity of the Jews would not be repeated. My administration also worked to develop a drone program to eliminate perpetrators of violent extremism in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria, and 5,000 Muslim terrorists were eliminated, the latest of whom were 150 from the Somali Al-Shabab movement. This program, consistent with our doctrine of pre-emptive warfare, is necessary to protect the “US military-industrial complex” and to embed the culture of power in which our society believes. Were there civilian casualties? Yes, in the thousands. We had to, to ensure that future terrorists are eliminated.

But the greatest achievement of my administration is to wipe out the “Arab Spring.” You know that the revolutions that erupted in the Middle East and North Africa in 2011 threatened the security of our friend, Israel, whose survival in that part of the world is linked to the survival of our identity. That is why America viewed these revolutions as a latent danger that must be aborted. We have succeeded, in cooperation with our allies, in turning Libya into a failed state. We have eliminated the so-called democratic born in Egypt. We have prevented the Syrians from obtaining weapons that stop their aerial bombardment. We have allowed our Shiite allies to invade Syria and drown it in blood. And reinforce the influence of hard-line Islam. In conclusion, we decided to end the dispute with Iran, after we discovered that it was not a Muslim as was rumoured, and that cooperation with it was aimed at curbing Sunni Islam more important than the dispute over its nuclear program. Indeed, we put aside the differences, focused on the common ones, and agreed to put the Arab peoples under control.

My administration, as it seeks to paint a new bright, was bound to clash with the old Saudi ally. We assessed that the time had come to expose the danger of the Wahhabi version of Islam, which is responsible for extremism from the Arabian Peninsula to Southeast Asia.

In fact, it is not only Wahhabism that is the problem. I have repeatedly addressed the seriousness of violence practiced by Middle Eastern groups, and tried to separate this from the essence of Islam. But the truth is that Islam itself is the problem and any escape from that to talk of misunderstanding it will lead us nowhere. The Muslims themselves must reconsider the texts of their religion, and tend to reconcile them with modernity, as Christianity did centuries ago. Until Muslims implement this review, they must adapt to the dictatorships that rule them, as it is the best option to reduce their global danger.

Dear Americans

I will walk out of the Oval Office with America at another crossroads, but a crossroads of safety and peace. The Lord bless you. God bless America.

Obama’s speech is over…

And we say:

This is America, and this is their leader who ruled them… (Neither the Jews nor the Christians will be satisfied with you until you follow their religion…) God Almighty believed. Do Muslims learn the lesson?

Here is the link to his speech…


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