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‘Modi fascist regime hell bent on snatching Muslim identity of IIOJK’

Srinagar: In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Hurriyat leader and patron of Jammu and Kashmir Mass Moment (JKMM), Farida Bahenji, has said that Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government is hell bent upon snatching the Muslim identity of the territory.

Farida Bahenji in a statement issued in Srinagar said Modi regime has given a free hand to over nine hundred thousand Indian troops to commit atrocities on the people of the occupied territory. She said that after repealing the special status of IIOJK, Modi government issued domicile certificates to thousands of Indian Hindus and was now evicting the local residents of their lands and rendering them homeless.

The JKMM leader said that Indian was not only resorting to the worst kind of oppression in IIOJK but was also blatantly violating the human rights enshrined in the United Nations charter.

She said that the occupation authorities were forcibly evicting from their lands the Muslim Bakarwals living in vast plains, mountains and forests for last several decades in many parts of Jammu region. She said that under a nefarious plan, Modi regime wanted to hand over these lands to Indian industrialists and permanently settle Indian Hindus there in order to change the demography of the territory.

Farida Bahenji appealed to the Kashmiri people to raise their voice against the anti-Kashmir actions of Modi regime and resist its aggressive plans tooth and nail. KMS

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