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New York becomes first state in US to proclaim February 5 as Kashmir Day

New York: The New York State Assembly marked February 5 as Kashmir Day by adopting a resolution by a voice vote. This significant development is the result of years of efforts by the American-Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG). APAG is a non-profit social service and advocacy organization based in New York.

“The State of New York endeavours to champion human rights including the freedom of religion, movement, and expression for all Kashmiri people,” the resolution said. Hailing the resolution of the New York State Assembly, Pakistan’s Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali lauded assembly member Nader Sayegh and APAG for this “great work”.

On February 5, Pakistani and Kashmiri communities across US observed Kashmir Solidarity Day, voicing full support to the just struggle of Kashmiri people in Illegally Indian-Occupied Kashmir.

In his address in Kotli, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the Kashmiris that not only the Pakistani nation but also the entire Muslim world stood behind them. “Even the non-Muslims who believe in justice and human rights also realize that the Kashmiris should be given the right pledged to them by the United Nations,” the PM said.

The PM added that he again suggests India resolve the issue through meaningful dialogue as there is no other way. He called on India to restore the autonomy of the occupied territory.whenwherehow.pk

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