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Indian BSF killing Bangladeshi migrants on border

Islamabad: Indian Border Security Force (BSF) is killing innocent Bangladeshi migrants on India-Bangladesh border by labeling them as terrorist and criminals.

According to recently released report, Indian BSF has killed more than one thousand Bangladeshi civilians on the India-Bangladesh border in the two decades. It said that at least 49 Bangladeshi nationals, mostly unarmed civilians, have been killed along the India-Bangladesh border by Indian BSF in 2020.

The report said, India’s policy of killing Bangladeshi people on border indicates the extreme audacity of New Delhi towards Bangladesh.

“India has fenced its border with Bangladesh on the pretext to keep illegal migrants and criminals out and Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party’s agenda of fencing border is based on its anti-Muslim and xenophobic policies,” the report said.

Bangladesh is surrounded by India on three sides and fencing border will leave Bangladesh as colony, it added.

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